How To Host A Podcast In 2021

How To Host A Podcast

How To Host A Podcast as a new podcast creator, you have many opportunities to host your podcast, but what if you are just getting started? Although hosting podcasts is very basic, there are some options that you should consider for your future podcasts. Free hosting can be super handy, especially if we’re not sure where to take our podcast. 

This hosting service provides statistics and marketing tools for your podcast site while you store your audio files and provide links to podcast directories on iTunes. They also focus heavily on helping you promote your brand and podcast across multiple distribution platforms and apps. 

This podcast hosting service makes it easy for you to publish episodes in your podcast to iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and other popular podcast platforms. 

It also allows you to automatically generate links to streaming podcast players such as Overcast and Pocket Casts, which can be used to promote your episodes. Each time a new episode is published in your podcast, you can add it to the podcast feed by uploading it to your podcast hosting service and scheduling it. If you use a website to create a simple podcast site, use a single media hosting account and use PowerPress to give you multiple podcast feeds. Most also have a tool to create a podcast feed and embed your podcasts into your existing website. 

Fireside PodcastGIANT offers a great guide to creating a killer website for hosting your podcast, as well as a full list of podcast hosting services. 

Next, we will look at how to improve your self-hosted WordPress podcast hosting by creating a sortable podcast archive that can display the latest episodes in a convenient format. We’ll show you how to set up WordPress, add a podcast, and then use all the features that only a self-hosted podcast can provide – including a full list of podcast hosts and links to all of their services. 

As mentioned above, podcast hosts provide you with an RSS feed, a unique URL that you can submit to various podcast directories. 

This is done for you by the podcast hosting service but also acts as a podcast dashboard, where all the different podcast platforms and distributions you want to share are entered and updated. After you upload your podcast, Libsyn gives you the option to upload it to different podcast directories such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc. Allows you to automatically submit your podcasts to different podcast directories and search engines, such as the above-mentioned podcast host services. 

You need a place where you can host your audio files and RSS feeds, and you need to sign up to host podcasts. You need a podcast host company that not only hosts the mp3 files, but also hosts, edits the show settings, and creates a valid podcast feed for you. 

If your website needs a hosting provider, your podcast needs a way to store and distribute its audio files. If you need the website hosting service to store your website files, podcast hosting can provide the same services as podcasting for your media files. 

Some podcast hosting platforms even offer services that allow you to create tailor-made podcast apps for iOS and Android devices. Many podcast plugins include TuneIn, which makes it easy to submit and manage your shows in one place. 

Blubrry’s PowerPress lets you upload podcast episodes directly to your podcast hosting provider. This means that there is no better time than now to buy a microphone, start a podcast and create a podcast website. Once you have set up your podcasts, it is only a matter of setting up and displaying them beautifully on your website, which will encourage them and help them grow. Before we dive in, I wanted to introduce you to my free podcast course, which will guide you through creating and launching your own podcast. 

Blubrry offers a fantastic self-hosted podcast solution that makes it easy for you to host, host, and share your podcast. They offer a custom website to host your podcasts, so visitors can now easily find your entire podcast archive. In this free podcast course, I will guide you through setting up your website to host a podcast, create an account, find your audience and capitalize on podcast audiences. 

Now let’s talk about what podcast hosting is, what you need it for, and how to choose the best podcast hosting service for you. Since each podcast is different and you may prefer different podcast hosting, you should ask yourself a few questions here before choosing a podcast host. 

If you can’t choose a podcast host, you may need to look for a website or organization to set up your podcast. If you’re serious about building a large audience, using a podcast hosting provider for your podcasts may not be the best choice. Choosing a reliable podcast hosting platform is crucial for podcasts because it helps you to grow your audience faster by making it easier to manage podcast files. Since podcasts are much more complex than traditional web hosting, where new episodes are constantly uploaded and downloaded, it is important that podcast hosting is available.

How To Host A Podcast And Top Podcast Hosting Sites 2021


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